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Demi Gray

Helping People Identify Their Version Of Hope

Demi is a human resource and business executive who has rounded her career working in multiple industries to include healthcare, technology, manufacturing, and fast-food logistics. Demi is the managing partner of Accelerate MD, serves on the board for AceleratingME, and is a board advisor for various non-profit organizations. As a part of her pursuit, she has lead talent management initiatives that have impacted more than 150,000 team members over the course of her career and academic journey.

Demi’s introduction to human behavior began early prior to her HR career and academic pursuit, where she is now at the completion of her Ph.D. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology. Demi has been recognized for her extensive knowledge in human resources, talent management, and people-related functions, which has been gained through advocacy efforts, her career journey, and her relentless quest to gain knowledge attributing towards her continued growth.  Demi enjoys coaching others and sharing information whenever appropriate.  Demi can typically be found reading, researching, and indulging in business, professional, and academic endeavors.

While she has demonstrated her passion for people in the workforce and academic environments over the past several years, Demi’s passion, is to help children gain access to quality education, and her goal has been to help others find hope in their endeavors. Demi is a wife, mom, sister, friend, employer, team member, and student, and enjoys staying occupied with productive business and personal ventures.

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